Everyone wants to have happy, satisfying, and enjoyable relationships. Having relationships that fulfill us is not difficult. That is, if WE bring the most important ingredient to the relationship.

In this video, discover the missing ingredient for happy relationships.



Well, I’ve made it to Day 14 without complaining. That’s 202 consecutive hours without a single complaint! Woo Hoo!

Do you want to know my secret? I KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT A LOT MORE THAN I USED TO!

Biting our tongues is really an important part of this process. Learning to keep our mouths closed until we can develop a filter to stop our negative thoughts from coming out his complaints.

In doing this, we find that by not expressing our negativity we attract fewer negative experiences to complain about.


Einstein said, “The formula for success is: X + Y + Z. Where, X = Work, Y = Play and Z = Keeping your mouth shut.”

Have you noticed we rarely get in trouble for what we DON’T say? Silence is truly gold especially when becoming a Complaint Free person.

Enjoy today,