Bernie-SiegelAre you experiencing a lack of health?  Happiness? Prosperity?

In this episode of InVision Radio, Will BOWEN interviews Dr. Bernie Siegel.  Bernie Siegel is a retired oncologist and bestselling author. “Watkins–Body, Mind, Spirit,” named Bernie #20 in their “Top 100 Most Spiritual People.”

Bernie’s ideas of treating the patient rather than the disease and looking for spiritual and psychological causes behind physical symptoms has, over the past few decades, transformed medicine. Bernie teaches that there is an abundance of health within our bodies if we’ll only look.

In the Namaste’ Lounge, the power and energy of Stowe Good. Stowe Daily Shockey & Karen Taylor Good are both successful singer/songwriters having written for some of the greatest artists of all time.  Now, the duo has come together to create a powerhouse of music and inspiration.