There is a relentless bully pushing you around and it’s in your own mind.  It says things like, “You’ll NEVER be any good.”  “You’ll NEVER succeed.”  “He/She will NEVER love you.” And, things that are even more harsh and critical.

It’s time to take control of this critical inner voice and, through systematic training, push it into the background so your confident inner voice can lead your thinking and guide your life.  It’s time to say “never mind” to your ‘never mind.’
Dr. Lisa Firestone’s work on “Conquering Your Critical Inner Voice” will help you identify and quiet your negative inner chatter.  In an extended interview with Will, Dr. Firestone gives practical tips for silencing that relentless bully so you can see life as the blessed experience it is.
Daniel Nahmod drops by the Namaste’ Lounge to share his music, his muse and his musings about the process of living life while flowing like water.