My great mentor, Earl Nightingale, told a great story of two men who nearly collided at an intersection.

One of the men was in his 20s and the other was in his 70s.

Following the near collision, the old man screamed and cursed at the younger man.

The young man listened to the old man’s childish shouting and then said in a calm voice, “Old man, why don’t you grow up?“

We see a lot of old people but we don’t see a lot of grown-ups.

We see a lot of old people being petulant in demanding like children.

It is OK to be childlike.

It’s not OK to be childish.

In this Jumpstart, you’ll learn the difference between the two.

And, you will learn how to be the grown-up in your life.

And, more importantly, to enjoy the benefits of being a grown-up brings