You probably like to learn, am I right?

I’m always listening to a podcast or an audiobook that will help expand my knowledge.

Why? Because knowledge is power and you never know when some obscure fact you learned will help your life go along a little smoother and a little easier.

Now, here’s the weird thing I’ve noticed — most of the things that I learn about and often even put into practice with some modicum of results become less relevant over time.

Let me give you an example.

For years I wanted to trim my waistline so I studied and applied the high protein Atkins diet.

I lost weight and was convinced this was the way to stay healthy.

Now, I’m vegan — LOL !!

This is what is meant in the passage we’ve been studying by the phrase “Knowledge will pass away.”

What we know for sure today, we’ll often question tomorrow, and consider ridiculous next week.

But there is one constant:  LOVE….