Do you remember “The Secret?”

Great philosophers and teachers for thousands of years have tried to help us understand that, “We become what we think about.”

Well, we also become what we COMPLAIN about!

And, here’s why.

Before someone complains, they must THINK about what they’re going to gripe about.

Even if it happens super-fast, we do form our words from the thoughts in our head, right?

This means that chronic complainers are focussed on what’s wrong most of the time, and as a result, they’re actually attracting more to complain about!

Complainers believe they’re just accurately describing life.

But, what they’re actually doing is inviting more things to go wrong.

Never have I heard this more poetically stated than when Maya Angelou told me, “Complaining lets a bully know that there’s a victim in the neighborhood.”


It’s like the negativity of complaining just makes life into a relentless bully.

This is a crazy cycle that I call the Complaint – Creation loop.

This video teaches you how to recognize and break free of this destructive pattern that keeps you miserable and unhappy.

Once you recognize and break free of this cycle, your life can begin to really take off in every way imaginable.

You’ll live the life you dream of having.

It’s a life you deserve!

So, together let’s break that pattern!