Awhile back, I was hired to keynote an event for thousands of teachers and school principals.

One of the schools had a huge presentation hall and that’s where I was asked to speak.

As I walked toward the backstage entrance, I noticed a banner hung far down at the end of the hallway.

It totally inspired me!

On 3-foot-wide brown butcher paper someone had written in huge purple letters:


I loved it!

This school, like thousands of schools around the world, had done our Complaint Free Schools program.

And, they wanted to welcome me with a reminder of the single most important piece in becoming a Complaint Free person — don’t get embarrassed when you switch your bracelet — CELEBRATE!

But, how do you stay motivated to be on Day 1 over and over?

How do you get yourself to switch your bracelet and not feel foolish or give up?

Find out in this video.

You’ll learn how to make Day 1 your friend.

And, as a result, you’ll more easily move on to days 2….3…..4…. all the way to 21!