To successfully complete the 21 Day Complaint Free program you need to repeat these words like a mantra,

“There’s no shame in Day 1. There’s no shame in Day 1. There’s no shame in Day 1.”

Most people who take on the Complaint Free challenge think that it’s going to be easy.

It’s not easy.

It’s simple — but it’s NOT easy.

It takes honesty, vulnerability, and integrity to honor your commitment and switch your bracelet every time you complain.

And, even with that level of dedication, sometimes life gets in the way.

When I agreed to do the Complaint Free challenge for the second time and post my progress on Facebook every day until I finished the 21 days successfully, I had NO IDEA what life was going to throw my way.

In this video, I share my entire Complaint Free transformation captured in one second selfies.

Try and count how many times I was on Day 1!

You’ll find yourself laughing and feeling super-inspired at the same time.