Now that I live here, it’s amazing to me how often my fellow Floridians find their way into the national news.

Did you catch the video of the non-mask-wearing-former-insurance-agent whose rant in Costco rant became a viral sensation?

In the video, the man is seen advancing toward the person videoing the scene with chest bowed, fists clenched and yelling “I feel threatened!”

Why?  How could he feel “threatened by a camera?”

Answer: He didn’t feel threatened.  He was warning that he was about to become violent exercising Florida’s stand your ground law.

Back in the 70s, a group of fellow boy scouts convinced me to stand my ground against another boy and to this day I regret it.

Walking away is not weakness — it’s the greatest strength especially when every exchange seems like a life-or-death struggle.

In this JumpStart, discover the power of walking away in power, never shame.

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