My first job out of college was selling advertising for a local radio station.

I loved the station, I loved my coworkers, and I loved getting to drive around the city and talk to prospective clients; but, there was one problem:  I was TERRIBLE at my job.

My boss summed it up this way, “Will, you’re able to get a lot of people up to the horse but nobody wants to ride.”  

In other words, I had worked for the station for nearly 6 months, and yet I’d not sold a single radio commercial.

Then one day, I began listening to cassettes by a sales trainer and motivational speaker name Joel Weldon and with his help, I learned to change my attitude and my approach so much that within a few months I was the top salesperson.

That’s why I’m thrilled for today’s interview because I get to share with yo the man who made such a difference in my life and my success.

Joel Weldon joins me to discuss tips for success and how people sabotage themselves by complaining about their customers.

You’re going to be inspired and learn some practical tips for better living from one of the all-time greats — Joel Weldon!


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