Because I travel so much, and because travel is so stressful I’ve written out this little reminder which I read every time I’m driving to the airport.

Perhaps, when you travel via plane you’ll find peace in this as well.

I am about to get into a flying, compressed tube with a bunch of stressed, haggard, and frightened human beings.

Every one of them is afraid they have forgotten something, is on high alert because of justifiable security threats, is probably sleep deprived, hungry, and worried about both things they have left undone and things they are about to do.

The airport personnel who serve me endure such people constantly.

Let me remember that my energy either enriches or depletes everyone I encounter.

I will breathe deeply, smile consciously, be patient, and remember that everyone I meet is doing what they consider to be their best while they also endure every stress and struggle that is everyday human existence.