In this JumpStart, I take you live and behind the scenes at one of my speaking gigs to share with you an important principle of life.

Whether at church or at a conference, MOST people fill up the back rows first and only sit closer to the platform if there is no room at the back.

However, there are those brave and intrepid souls who break norms and sit in the front and these people tend to be not only more engaged but, overall, more successful as well.

At most of the events where I am the keynote speaker, people pay to attend — sometimes thousands of dollars each, and yet they put forth minimal effort to benefit from the experience by relegating themselves to the back.

In life, are you a back row person hiding out in the shadows or are you down front fully engaged?

Life’s too important and far too short to be casual observer.

Today, learn how to get in the game and make the most of every experience.

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