As you probably know, I am vegan and have been for about a dozen years.

I’m a member of several vegan Facebook groups and attend events for vegans and vegetarians. I am also on a dating app for vegetarians and vegans. 

I tell you all of this because I have discovered an interesting phenomenon in the vegan/vegetarian world –  “the Transitioner”.

A transitioner is a person who constantly visits a world but never puts down roots.

I have met people who have been “transitioning” to vegetarianism for 30 or more years.

Over 30 Years!

And as a result, they have never experienced the benefits.

I’m not out to try and convince you to become vegan. I am, however, trying to convince you to make a commitment to things that are important to you and to stay with that commitment rather than bouncing back and forth. 

It’s time to stop transitioning and to commit and in this JumpStart, I’ll teach you how…


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