Many of you know that I’m going through a divorce right now.


It’s very painful and truly a grieving process (I bounce back and forth through Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s steps in the grieving process on a daily basis).

However, the other day one of my neighbors gave me some great advice.

As always, life is consciousness. 

And if we focus on what is upsetting, we stay upset.

In her own indelicate way, my neighbor told me to man up by, of all things, “Stop Crying, Wash Your Face, and Put on Some Makeup.”

This is good advice for any of us going through a struggle — and aren’t we ALL going through a struggle of one kind or another?

Whatever your struggle, I think you’ll find both solace (and possibly a needed kick in the pants) in today’s JumpStart.

And do me a favor, will you?

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