We’ve been talking about anxiety a lot lately.

In fact, I did a live meditation addressing anxiety for the members of my Complaint Free Meditation group just yesterday.

A friend from the group emailed me a message sent out by our former high school discussing the various ways anxiety shows up for ourselves and other people.

Manifestations of anxiety can include:

  1. Irritability
  2. Obsessive behaviors
  3. Overscheduling / Overworking
  4. Overindulgence
  5. Dizziness or Numbness
  6. Sleepiness or Insomnia
  7. Lack of Concentration
  8. Avoidance

So, have you been anxious during the Covid 19 crisis and, if so, how has it shown up in your life?

In this JumpStart we look at the many faces of anxiety and how to become less anxious and more calm starting now.

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