Like most students drawn to psychology in college, I took Psych classes as a way to try and figure out my own insane family and the craziness I picked up just being a part of it.

I still remember one of my first university psych classes when the professor taught us about the Johari window.

This Johari window demonstrates that there are four quadrants to all of our personalities: (1) parts of our personality that we alone see about ourselves, (2) parts of our personality that everyone, including us, can see, (3) aspects of our personality that others see but we do not, and (4) lastly, parts of our personality that NO ONE sees — neither us nor anyone else.

This blew my mind.

I realized that we as people are like the five blind men trying to describe an elephant — we are multi-faceted and perspective truly is reality.

Each us have 2 of the 4 quadrants of the Johari window hidden from us and, unfortunately, that’s where life’s growth is.

SVADYAYA, the fourth Niyama, helps us find ways to see into those two hidden windows and to learn to make our lives even better.

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