OK, sometimes I have perhaps too much time on my hands to ponder things.

But, I think you’ll find today’s JumpStart quite revealing (and possibly life-changing).

Today, let’s explore how our body seems to know, almost by magic, to back off one illness as another becomes more dominant.

Then, consider that if your body is already regulating your level of illness (to one extent or another) just how far can we go to create and regulate ever-increasing levels of health?

(BOOM — sound of mind-exploding)

Your body and your mind are not separate— they’re one. 

So, perhaps through conscious mental control we can become more healthy every day.

And, may I ask you a favor?

If you got something out of today’s JumpStart, would you please forward it on to someone else?

Together, let’s build a community of positivity as make the world a better place.  

And, remember to post your questions and comments — I respond to them all.