The more I study the life of Fred Rogers the more I appreciate and admire this man who taught many of us that we’re special “Just the way we are.”

You might  be surprised to know that Mr. Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister who’s ministry was, specifically designed for children who watched his program.

IMr. Rogers got on his knees every evening and prayed — but never for himself.  He only prayed for others.

Why?  And, more importantly, did anyone ever pray for Mr. Rogers?

Yes, and he had a very unique way of making sure his prayers were covered.

In today’s JumpStart I’m going to teach you not only how to receive prayers but, like Mr. Rogers, how to spread praying among others in a gentle non-invasive way..  

Get ready to receive prayer like never before as we explore, “Can you say, ‘Prayer?’”

Sure, I knew you could 😀

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