“Abracadabra!” shouts the magician and in a flash, everything changes!

The word “abracadabra” has been said by magicians around the world throughout time but no one is 100% sure where the word comes from.

We do know that abracadabra is either of Hebrew or Aramaic origin (the language in which the Hebrew Bible was written) and an interesting bit of trivia…

Abracadabra does seem to be an ancient incantation invoking divine action because it’s a combination of ‘ab’ (father), ‘ben’ (son), and ‘ruach hakodesh’ (holy spirit).

But that’s not the COOL PART…

When you combine those 3 words in that way not only do you get ‘abracadabra,’ the holy trinity, but the literal meaning in Aramaic is: ‘’IT WILL BE CREATED WITH MY WORDS.

Your life, your world, everything you experience is created by the words you speak.

Join me in this JumpStart and learn to harness the power of our words to create the life you desire.


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