People use the word “hate” far too often.

“I hate broccoli, I hate that movie, I hate my job, “I hate Mondays,” and on and on ad nauseam.
The word “hate” is defined as “to dislike to the point of taking action against.”
Wow!  “To take action against” — that’s heavy.
The word “hate” implies violence or other punitive action.
This wouldn’t be so bad if we said, “I hate the way our environment is being destroyed” and then TOOK ACTION AGAINST the problem.
But for most people, the only action they take is the act of hating.
When others hate us it’s SO easy to turn around and hate them in return.
Think about it, you hear that someone does not like you so what do you do?
Right!  You start looking for things about them that YOU don’t like.
This is sad because hate diminishes your soul.
In this message, learn how not to react in hate.




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