Take Care Of Needs Before WantsOf the the 10 Commandments, nine forbid certain types of BEHAVIOR. Only one prohibits a certain type of THOUGHT.

“Thou shalt not covet” discourages our desiring what others possess. In addition to Judaism and Christianity, both Hinduism and Buddhism discourage coveting.

Well, if “covet” equals “desire” then human beings seem to run on coveting.  Certainly, the American economy is driven by coveting.
Having desire is normal and natural.  Coveting, on the other hand, is desiring what someone else has so that he or she cannot posses it. 
And, believe it or not, we all do this without realizing it– to our spiritual detriment.
Discover the ways in which you covet without even knowing it and how this can lead to a poverty mindset and living a life of lack.