Venerable Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhat Hahn grew up in a family that was not demonstrative.

He says that until he was an adult no one ever hugged him.

As a result, Hahn felt awkward when someone tried to hug him until he created but he calls “Conscious Hugging.”

Conscious Hugging has 3 parts:
1) You hug someone as if they have been gone a very long time — like he thought you’d never see them again.

2) Next, you hug  that same  person as if YOU had been gone for a very long time and have just one chance to come back and let them know how much you love them.
3) Finally, you hug this person grateful that both of you have not been lost to each other and are grateful to be present together.

In today’s JumpStart, I explain the process. 
Try this with people you love – it will transform your relationships!