“The Lazyman’s Guide to Enlightenment” is another one of those mind-blowing books that you can read in less than two hours. 
The copy that I was given is actually a xerox copy of an original.

Thaddeus Golas was into enlightenment, not money or fame.

After this book became an underground sensation, major publishers tried to pick it up.

Golas declined.

Later in life, Golas allowed a small publisher to print a couple hundred thousand copies but otherwise the book is pretty hard to come by. 

My dogeared copy is one of my most prized possessions.

The entire book can be summed up in one sentence, 
“What is it that you feel needs to be loved right now?” 
This is the expressway to enlightenment and to happiness. 

Today let’s explore how we can use love to reach enlightenment all the while being lazy.