When I feel VERY tired, stressed, or just plain overwrought, the words of our today’s Master of Life, W. Clement Stone, ring in my ears.

Stone, like many others, was a huge believer in the power of affirmations —intentionally running positive messages through your mind as a way of negating the negative thoughts that pop up. 
Well, it’s been decades since I’ve listened to anything recorded by Stone but just last year, while I was in the Paris airport, there was a bomb scare.

We could see the briefcase that someone had left abandoned and thousands of us were pushed back behind a perimeter by cano-wearing, machine gun toting security police.

We were anxious as penned cows both in fear of an explosion and in fear of missing our flights.

Although I felt anxious, tired, and beaten-down, in that moment I heard W.  Clement Stone‘s nasal, overly-melodic voice chirping in my head,
 “I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel terrific!“

I began to repeat the affirmation slowly in my head. 
Stone‘s words elevated my mood and helped me  get through an extremely tense situation.

Today, let’s  consider Stone’s message and how we can apply it to improve our own if lives.