“You either set goals or you spend your life working for people who set goals.”

A few years ago, I read a book that hit mexx like a wet mop in the face!

The book is “The 10 X Rule“ by Grant Cardone.

thanks “The 10 X Rule“ so inspired me that I gave copies to several close friends.

“The 10 X rule“ will inspire you, motivate you, and kick you in the butt to get moving forward in life.

The author’s core concept is found in the title of the book — most things we desire to accomplish take 10 times more effort than we estimated going in.

This is why most people never accomplish their goals and never become what they themselves would call successful.“

Today, let’s look at how we can add passion and urgency to our lives to be, do, and have more.

And, most importantly, to enjoy life in the process.