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Think about daytime soap operas and all of their drama!

There are a lot of scenes in these shows where one actor tells another character off — has the last word, or shames that person.
We tend to watch this and think, “Man, that’s exciting!  I can’t wait to give someone a piece of my mind!”
And yet, this is very epitome of being unloving.
Loving someone means never, every lowering that person’s opinion of themselves.
We are not loving if we dishonor another person’s feelings and it’s incumbent upon us to, as the old proverb goes, “Before you send an arrow of truth, dip the tip in honey.”
HOW you say things to someone will create a lot more impact than what you say.
Learn to speak words of truth that are sweet to hear.
And, in the process, get rid of the soap opera-like drama and hurt feelings in your life.
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