When I was 12, I knew how I wanted my life to turn out and I could see it so clearly just as this youth can see his dreams in the second Voyage of Life painting by Thomas Cole.

When I was 13 I planned to replace Peter Chris and play the drums for KISS, I was going to marry a Farrah Fawcett (LOL), have several adoring kids, and travel the world with my loving family playing rock-and-roll to sold-out arenas.

This vision hung before me like a vaporous apparition pulling me forward.

You had grand (and perhaps silly) dreams when you were a youngster — where are they now?

As you can guess, none of my dreams worked out exactly but they served to clarify my goals as an adult.

The challenge is — most adults have given up on compelling goals and only dream of getting safely through to retirement.

Your dreams aren’t dead, they are asleep waiting for you to revive them and it’s never too late.

Let’s get started now.