If I called you on your cellphone right now, what would you hear?

Some generic little ringtone created by someone who works for the company who built your phone?

Or, is your ringtone a statement that reinforces not only who you are but the person you’re becoming?

Many people pick a ringtone that let’s the world know something about themselves but I’m encouraging you to select a song that reminds you of your own evolving soul?

This little act can make you happier, healthier, and  move you more quickly toward your goals.

Get ready to adopt a whole new personal theme song that will change your life starting today.

And, may I ask you a favor?

If you got something out of today’s JumpStart, would you please forward it on to someone else?

Together, let’s build a community of positivity as we make the world a better place.  

And, remember to post your questions and comments — I respond to them all.