6 months ago, I was feeling lonely and isolated living in a community where less than 10% of owners are full-time residents so I downloaded a dating app to my phone.

I was really nervous and uncertain but I began to open the app and view images and read the bios of women in the age range and lifestyle group I was looking for.

I wasn’t really taking the whole thing very seriously — certainly not looking to fall in love, so I added another app, and then another, and another….

What I noticed is that most of the women said they were looking for a man with a “good sense of humor” but little do they know…

Being funny is a great attribute but it is also often spawned from having an abusive and/or neglectful childhood.

Humor is a defense mechanism that hides very real wounds.

We all have such mutations — superpowers that also have a dark side.

Today, let’s stop focussing on the side-effects of your own mutation and begin to celebrate your superpower.


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