“If angry, count to 10.  If very angry, count to 100.” – Thomas Jefferson

Have you noticed that once you become angry about something that it’s very easy to remain angry?

In other words, once our switch has flipped to anger, it can be very difficult to turn off that switch because we keep fanning the flames of upset in our minds.

Today, let’s consider setting a timer to monitor our anger and then, when the timer is done letting go of whatever is bothering us.

It sounds simplistic, but it works. 

Anger is a mental state and when we give ourselves a timeframe for our anger, we realize that we have a lot more control over how we feel and, more importantly how long something will upset us.

Getting angry is normal.  But, the duration of our anger is up to us.

Starting today, let’s spend less time being angry so we can spend more time being happy. 

And, may I ask you a favor?

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Together, let’s build a community of positivity as we make the world a better place.  

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