As I writer, I try to keep in mind two quotes from Ernest Hemmingway:

  1. “The first draft of anything is s**t” and,
  2. “All writing is rewriting.”

Writing and living have a lot in common.

The first time we try anything we usually bomb but as we attempt to improve we will tweak our efforts endlessly.

I once read an article in which a famous artist said, “The problem isn’t in starting a painting — the problem is knowing when to stop.”

Our expectations that we’re going to be good at something the first time out are as unrealistic as the notion that we’ll ever stop improving.

Try something new, improve — that’s life.

Consider your life to be a great literary masterpiece in progress.  

I’m sure the first draft wasn’t perfect but remember that every day — today  especially, affords the opportunity for limitless rewrites.

How will you write yourself today as the starring character in a hero’s story?

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