Recently, a good friend of mine lost out on a real estate deal — a BIG real estate deal; we’re talking tens of millions of dollars.

Not only did he lose the potential revenue of the deal but he also lost an $80,000 investment spent trying to acquire the property.

Think about that – he spent $80,000 and STILL lost the deal.

And the worst part was:  it wasn’t my friend’s money!  He had cost his company and his boss 80 large.

My buddy lumbered into his CEO’s office to give him the bad news. 

Rather than chewing my friend to pieces, this excellent leader demonstrated why his company is voted year-after-year as the best place to work in Kansas City and why it’s now worth billions.

In today’s JumpStart, I’ll share this  secret so that you can apply it next time something goes wrong in your life.  

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