We all want to transform, right?

That is, we all want to become more, better, and happier in all of the areas of life that are important to us.

That’s why you read inspirational books and watch these daily JumpStarts  — because you want to transform; but, have you ever considered that maybe that’s not the way to transform.

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, my guest on today’s JumpStart, says transformation comes through conversation rather than personal reflection.

Reynolds is a past global president of the International Coaching Federation and a member of the elite ICF Circle of Distinction. 

Her teaching and speaking take her around the world, remotely and live, delivering programs in 43 countries. 

Global Gurus recognizes her as the # 5 coach in the world. 

Her 4 published books include her latest international bestseller Coach the Person.

Some of the questions Marcia answers include…

1. Why transformation happens in conversation, not personal reflection.

2. What are the critical coaching skills to spark insights and new perspectives?

3. What three elements are required for someone to create long-term change in their minds and actions?

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