Here is one of the most interesting studies I have read.

In an attempt to understand people‘s motives, behavioral scientists found that the crimes we as individuals commit we consider to be “justifiable and forgivable.“

When it comes to the crimes of other people, however, we consider those to be “unprovoked and grievous.”

This explains a lot of our problems in interpersonal relationships.

When we are in an argument, we consider the things that we say to be “justifiable and forgivable;” whereas, we consider the hurtful things other people say to be “unprovoked and grievous.“

And the argument spins out of control like an ever-expanding tornado.

Each person UNDERestimates the impact of their words and deeds while they OVERestimate the impact (and negative motivations) of the other person.

How do we reset this natural tendency to make everything look askew?

Let’s talk about it, today.