“This was the best Disney trip we’ve ever had,” my daughter Lia said for the umpteenth time as she packed her souvenirs into her suitcase.

“Agreed,” I said.  “We got to do all the rides and shows we wanted and the press of crowds and even the ride delays really didn’t get to me, because…”

“Because why?” She asked

“Because I kept repeating something over and over in my head the entire time and it relaxed me, gave me more compassion for others, and helped me enjoy myself more than ever.”

“What was it you kept thinking?” Lia asked.

Then, something really amazing happened.

As I told her what I’d been repeating over and over in my head, a look of SHOCK went across her face because, get this: without communicating our intention we’d both adopted almost the same mantra to repeat while at the Disney parks.

Let me share with you this amazing story of father/daughter connection and, more importantly, this mantra that can relax you during frustration, physical exhaustion, and stress starting now…


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