Ok, I’m still on my Mr. Rogers kick and I’m glad so many of you are commenting on these JumpStarts about this amazing man who came into so many of our lives and taught us we were ok, just the way we are.

So, here’s a trivia question for you: What do Mr. Rogers and George Washington have in common?

Today’s JumpStart explains something these two men considered absolutely essential to life and it is the reason they are both still loved, admired, and celebrated today.

If you aspire to be like Mr. Rogers and/or George Washington you have to have the courage to withstand the highest bidder.

What’s the highest bidder?

The job that pays you well but is not good for  others or the planet.

The relationship that offers you company and security but at the cost of your moral integrity. 

If you want to play big in the world, be like Mr. Rogers and George Washington — have the courage to withstand the highest bidder.

And do me a favor, will you?

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