“Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” asked famed author and psychologist Dr. Gerald Jampolsky.

Well…honestly Gerald, the answer is – BOTH!

And that’s the problem.

There’s a lot of power in willing to be wrong including:

* Fewer apologies

* Others defending your position for you

* Personal growth

If you really want to Win Friends and Influence People, you’ve got to be willing to be wrong and it’s actually a learnable skill…


Have you ever considered that politics is all about power and that you cannot gain power unless you complain?

In fact, just try and find a political campaign that doesn’t have a major complaint at its core.

In this JumpStart learn:

  • How politicians, ministers, activists, and even your own kids use your anger to get you to do things
  • How complaining for power worked and then severely backfired for a minister in a small S.C. town
  • What to do when two people are complaining to you about the other person

Remember, don’t sell your power for the price of a complaint!

Here’s how >>>


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