The other day, I heard about a research project where dozens of people were divided into 2 groups.

One-by-one, and out of sight of everyone else, each person was instructed to run up a hill and touch a specific tree at the top.

Each person’s speed, intensity, physical exertion and more was measured as they dashed up the hill to tag the tree.

The interesting thing is that for half or the participants the tree was hit with a spotlight thereby drawing the runner’s focus to the tree as he or she dashed up the hill.

When the tree was spotlighted the runners ran faster and yet exerted less energy.

Not only that, the people running towards the spotlit tree felt that the hill was less steep and the tree was closer than it was.

Bottom line: if you’ve got something to focus on you’ll get there faster, with less energy and less stress.

‘Sound good?  

Great, let’s get started.