Many people like to play the game where they ask, “If your house were about to be destroyed and you could take out only one thing, what would you keep?“

Perhaps it’s a good idea to play that same game with our responsibilities.

Let’s say your life is about to change dramatically – – a loss, an illness, or perhaps something else pretty serious is just about to happen. What responsibilities that are currently weighing you down would you take with you to the other side of that change?

In other words, what can you let go?

I recently read that one of the reasons Elvis took drugs was to manage the stress of having to pay salaries and give lavish gifts to hundreds of unnecessary people languishing on his payroll.

If the members of the Memphis Mafia truly were Elvis‘s friends, they wouldn’t need to be paid.

So, what responsibilities can you shed?

Today, let’s weed out some of the things that are making life more of a struggle and less of a joy so you can feel lighter and happier.