People who are self-obsessed tend to complain more because their focus is on how the world’s events affect them rather than on how others are being affected.

It seems contradictory but putting our focus on other people can actually improve OUR attitude and significantly raise our level of happiness.

Think of it as a spotlight.

If I were to shine a spotlight on you, all of a sudden all of your physical imperfections (facial lines, skin blotches, etc.) would seem to be worse.

However, if we turn that spotlight on someone else we actually begin to feel better about ourselves because our focus is somewhere else.

During this COVID 19 pandemic, are you focusing on yourself and how it might affect you?

Or, are you reaching out to others by calling, texting or doing whatever you can to let people know they’re important to you?

Today, I commit to calling someone I’ve not spoken to in a long time — not to give them the low-down on me, but rather to take a genuine interest in them.

How about you?

Who you gonna call?

(And don’t say “Ghostbusters.”)

Today, make TWO people feel happier, take the focus off yourself and put it on someone else by reaching out to someone else who is — shut-in.

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