Many people who take the Complaint Free challenge wonder if it’s OK to EVER talk about the negative things that are going on in their life.

The answer is, “yes!“

The difference comes down to processing versus venting.

Most people vent – – they’re like a pot of boiling water and they pour over onto other people with their negativity and complaints.

Venting isn’t constructive or healthy.

What you want to do is to process.

Processing differs from venting in that it always come back to this one question, “What can *I* change to improve the situation?”

Venters are victims.

They are seeking validation for their inability to do anything about their unhappy lives.

Processors are victors because they are looking for ways to change the only thing we can ever change – – ourselves.

Are you a person who vents?

Or, do you have systems in place that allows you to process with people who can help you reflect back how you can improve?

The choice is up to you.