Just the day I was in my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina and I was staying at an Airbnb near the University of South Carolina when I heard some disconcerting news.

My fraternity, Sigma Chi had been kicked off the USC campus for a minimum of six years.

When I asked a friend what had happened he responded, “Hazing.“

This blew my mind!

When I was at USC and part of that Sigma Chi chapter, the main thing we were focused on was ANTI-HAZING!

In fact, our anti-hazing policies were considered the best and were adopted by others.

How in just a few short decades could the leaders of caring for new members become the leaders in tormenting them?

The answer is: slow and incremental acceptance.

What are you rationalizing as “ok” today that in the past was not cool?

Good question for us all.





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