The thing I miss most during the pandemic is movie theaters.

I LOVE movies and about 6 years ago my (then) local AMC in KC installed a bar called MacGuffins.

It was great to finally be able to have a glass of wine or a cocktail while watching the latest flick and on the wall was a sign explaining the bar’s unique name.  

MacGuffin isn’t someone’s surname — it’s a made up term referring to is “an object or device in a movie or a book that serves merely as a trigger for the plot.”

Hitchcock often used the term “MacGuffin” on set to explain scene transitions to the cast and crew of his movies.

Your life’s plot is triggered forward (or backward) by MacGuffins both large and small every day that spin you off into unbelievable stories.

Today, let’s learn to spot the MacGuffins and better maintain control of our own life script.