Do you enjoy watching improv comedy?

I find it fascinating watching the comedians pass topics and characters back and forth attempting to increase the laughs and never drop the gag.  It’s an amazing skill to master.

My guest in this JumpStart teaches you how to apply improvisational comedy principles to create a happier and more successful life.

Peter Margaritis, CPA, CSP, aka The Accidental Accountant®️, is the author of “Improv Is No Joke,” “Taking The Numb Out of Numbers,” and his newest book “Off Script: Mastering the Art of Business Improv.” 

One of Peter’s missions is to have business leaders remember that we are in the people business first and he teaches how improv leadership strengthens that critical relationship.


* How he came to write the book “Off Scr!pt”? 

* Examples of great leaders going “Off Scr!pt”

* The foundations of improv leadership

* How business improv can positively transform an organization

Get a free PDF version of Peter’s book “Off Script: Mastering the Art of Business Improv” at www.petermargaritis.com


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