“Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” asked famed author and psychologist Dr. Gerald Jampolsky.

Well…honestly Gerald, the answer is – BOTH!

And that’s the problem.

There’s a lot of power in willing to be wrong including:

* Fewer apologies

* Others defending your position for you

* Personal growth

If you really want to Win Friends and Influence People, you’ve got to be willing to be wrong and it’s actually a learnable skill…

Several years ago, I realized that often the best thing we can do in some situations is often what we least want to do and that’s very true with it comes to dealing with other people.

Today let’s unpack:

* How to disarm someone instantly

* How to make someone both like and trust you on the spot

* How to become more trustworthy in the eyes of others

The answer is all found in the old quote, “If you can’t beat ‘em….” (agree with ‘em) ….