I struggled with addressing this topic but it’s leading to a healing of my life so over the next 5 JumpStarts, we’re going to take an honest of look at not only surviving from childhood abuse, but thriving — becoming something more, better, perhaps even “anti-fragile.”

The book I’ll be referring to and which I highly recommend is “the emotionally abusive relationship” by Beverly Engel.

The first step to admitting you were abused is understand what abuse entails

  • Abuse is being hit, yes but it’s more often the words that break you
  • Everyone who is abused has a primary abuser, figuring out who it is leads to healing
  • Admitting that you were abused and hearing that others around you relieves a lot of the guilt and shame to having been abused (somewhere between one in four and one in 2 adults were emotionally, physically, verbally, and/or sexually abused) 

So, whether you were abused, are abusive, or are looking left and right wondering who around you was abused, you’ll find a lot of healing starting now > > > 


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