Have you ever met someone who just seems to say things that, although they may be true, carry a hint of negativity or criticism?

There’s a new character like this on the new season “Ted Lasso” who says things like, “Everyone played well today — except you,” as he stares at a teammate.

At first, the team turns on this guy for being a critical jerk but then someone reminds them, “Hey, he’s not being rude — he’s just Dutch.”

There are people who seem to lack not only filters but also tact when saying things and they can come across negatively.

(I’ve got just such a person who lives in my community, and I’ve begun to understand that he’s not rude, he’s just from New York.)

If you have someone who seems to push your buttons, let’s reframe how you see that person and lower your anxiety level when they’re in our presence.


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