Remember back several decades ago when, I think it was McDonald’s, began saying, “Have a great day” when you received your meal?

I remember some cynical pushback the initial use of that happy phrase but now it seems “Have a great day” is part of our customer service lexicon.

The question is: are we actually having “great days”?

For many people the answer is “no” and that’s why Steve Beck is with us today. 

Steve is author of the book  “How to Have a Great Day Every Day!” and he has plenty of hands-on experience helping businesses, schools, associations and organizations reach and sustain excellence.


*  What makes a Great Day?*  How you can have a Great Day Every Day*  The one thing you can do to have a Great Day Every Day?*  The secret to feeling great and minimizing stress and anxiety

Learn more about Steve at www.beckseminars.com 

Now, let’s all learn how to Have A Great Day Every Day…


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