In the previous JumpStart, we talked about the inspiring song “Wait for it” from Hamilton.

In the song, Aaron Burr (Leslie Odom, Jr.) talks about having to wait for the good things in his life and that, no matter what, he’ll continue to wait for what he wants.

Waiting is difficult for us — now more than ever and we are ALL waiting on lots of things…

Waiting on a vaccine, waiting for schools to open, waiting for people to stop dying, waiting for the economy to rebound, waiting to get together at concerts and sporting events, waiting to go back to work.

Our lives are on hold and waiting is never easy.

Several years ago I read a quote that said, “Patience isn’t just waiting; it’s waiting with a good attitude.”

And that’s the hard part — staying in a good mood while we wait.

Let’s look at ways we can truly practice patience starting today.




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