I just read about an amazing study that took place in Morocco.

Researchers gave local merchants money and told them that they could either keep the cash or give it to charity.

Remember, Morocco is an Islamic country and five times a day the call to worship bellows loudly on loudspeakers throughout the country.

Here’s what the researchers found: first, the merchants were far more generous than anyone expected, giving as much as half or more of the money to charity.

Second and most significant, whenever the Muslim call to worship could be heard ringing out, the merchants gave 100% of the newfound money to charity.

The takeaway is that simply being reminded of one’s religion causes one to act more ethically.

This is yet another reason to become an active part of a spiritual community – – it reinforces ethics within society.

Today, let’s remind ourselves of the universal good that exists and let it drive all of our decisions, knowing that we will impact those around us.